Wood Privacy Fences

Wood Privacy Fence by Mid Florida Fence

Wood Privacy Fence by Mid Florida Fence

Why Wood?

From rustic split rail to charming white picket fences, popular wood fences offer a wide variety of styles to pick from during your next fencing project.

  • Wood is the most popular fencing option as both a practical and attractive way to add fencing to your property.
  • New developments in wood fence installation help decrease the potential for warping and rotting.
  • Steel and metal posts can be used to install wood fences to help increase longevity. Clever design can make the steel/metal part virtually invisible, which enhances aesthetic appeal, particularly for residential owners. This solution helps make wood fencing a durable option.
  • It’s easy to change the look of a wood fence by choosing from the many varieties of stain available, along with being able to paint your wood fence any color that you choose. Additionally, many people choose to enjoy wood in its natural state.

Styles of Wood Fence

  • Split Rails – One of the more popular choices, this is the most rustic look for wood fences.
  • Privacy Fences – By helping you decide the proper height and specifications for your wood fence, your AFA contractor can help develop the perfect plan to help you maintain the privacy of your home.
  • Picket Fences – A decorative style, this type of fence provides low security or privacy, but remains a popular choice to enhance aesthetic appeal.
  • Board and Estate Fences – This type of fence is most often recognized on a farm or in the country , as it typically used three to four horizontal boards with a wide variety of post options.
  • Scalloped-Top Fence – Aesthetically appealing, this style of wood fence is used to add a decorative touch to a traditional board on board fence, with a “dip” in the wood at the top of the fence.
wood privacy fence

Wood Privacy Fence

NOTE*  Galvanized metal frames can be added to any size wood gate to prevent the natural aging conditions of warping and sagging.

Wood privacy fences are one of our signature items at Mid Florida Fence. We build our wood fences stick by stick (meaning no pre-built panels). All of our fences are custom built. Another very important advantage to a custom built fence is the ability to follow the contour of the ground, keeping pets in and other unwanted animals out, with no gap underneath.

Privacy fences are generally a minimum of 6 ft. in height and can be custom built to 8-10 ft in the stockade (boards are side-by-side), board-on-board (boards overlap for no daylight) and the shadowbox (provides semi-privacy without totally walling you off from your surroundings.  Shadowbox is visually appealing on both sides and is “neighbor friendly.”   The application for wood privacy fencing can be miltipurpose, visually blocking the view from teh outside in or the insside out, meeting your personal household needs.

We use Pressure Treated Pine unless a special request for another wood material is made.